Gypsum Wallboard

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Incoming Material

The Scott Turbo Separator has the ability to separate gypsum wallboard sourced from drywall plants, new construction cutoffs, and demolition sites.

The incoming material must be reduced in size using an SSI Shredder; Acta/Norba crusher; ALLU bucket crusher; excavator with grapple; or simply drive over with a front end loader.

The pre-crushing helps to keep wallboard from bridging in the hopper and minimizes air voids during conveyance into the separator

  • dry material only - <18%

  • rates from 500lbs/hour to 16 ton per hour

  • Ask about our stationary and mobile units

recovered gypsum from T30.jpg

Recovered Gypsum Powder

Dry powder is collected and conveyed into supersacks or rolloffs for transport

  • Recovered gypsum powder is 99% pure

  • 85% of powder is <1mm

  • Can be used for agricultural soil amendment for key nutrient

  • Soil amendment for clay soils and road base

  • Additive for cement for prolonged cure time or additive for paint

  • Full systems with dust control are available


Recovered Paper

Given the smooth sweeping action in the Turbo Separator, the paper comes out clean

  • Recovered paper has no remaining attached gypsum

  • Airflow of the system discharges paper into conveyor

  • Head pulley magnets available to remove ferrous materials

  • Custom designed systems - stationary and mobile

  • Give us a call today to learn more