Gypsum Wallboard Separation

Gypsum wallboard is one of the few construction materials that can be 100% recycled. The Turbo Separator System has been proven to be fully effective to separate the paper backer from dry gypsum wallboard. Our systems can process between 1-20T per hour of dry gypsum wallboard. The throughput ranges are based on machine size, incoming wallboard size, desired purity of recovered gypsum powder, and cleanliness of the recovered paper. As with most machines, the systems are configurable to meet site requirements.


Plant rejects or clean demolition wallboard can be used

Incoming Material

The system is capable of processing clean, dry, gypsum wallboard. Our system is a separation system. We require the incoming material to be “pre-crushed” with an Acta/Norba crusher, front end loader, excavator with grapple bucket, ALLU bucket or SSI Shredding System crusher for wallboard. The pre-crushing aides in transport and minimizes bridging in our infeed hopper. The material is transported into our Turbo Separator with our heavy duty twin screw conveyor.

  • Drywall pieces must be crushed down to 12” minus to be processed effectively

  • To increase rate, reduce pieces to 6” minus

  • Wallboard moisture must be <18 percent to be separated

  • Damp, wet, or mushy wallboard will not separate

  • Wallboard can contain screws and small metal stud pieces


Recovered Gypsum Powder

The recovered gypsum powder is between 95-99% pure depending on screen size and the pre-crushing method.

Who uses the recovered gypsum powder?

  • Manufacturing facilities to re-introduce their own wallboard back into process at greater rates (must comply with chain of custody requirements for tracking)

  • Agriculture for soil amendment as calcium sulphate dihydrate (gypsum)

  • Industrial uses such as roadbed soild amendements for clay soils

  • Industrial use for cement production to prolong cement open set time


Recovered Paper