Model T42

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Process entire pallets at a time

T42 w Drag Paddle Infeed and perpendicular discharge

T42S w Twin Screw Infeed and perpendicular discharge

T42S processing pre-consumer food waste

Model T42 details to share

Our model T42 is the flagship of depackaging systems for pre-consumer food waste streams. It has the ability to process from 10-30 ton per hour depending on the products. The horizontal shaft has 56 flat paddles that work together to split, separate, and convey.

The organics are collected and either conveyed or pumped to their holding location. The inorganics are also collected and conveyed to a roll off container or compactor.

The system can process and separate:

  • Cased products you hold in two hands/up to 5 gallon pails

  • Pallets of wet or dry cased goods

  • Large plastic of kraft paper bags of petfoot, salt, bakery

  • All forms of packaging (except glass…smashes it to smithereens)

Why choose a T42? For those sites that are processing mostly preconsumer food waste and some restaurant and grocery waste. The 42” [1067mm] processing diameter allows you to process large, 55 gallon [208L] plastic bags; double walled boxes; and more

Systems come standard with:

  • 75 HP TEFC motor 3ph

  • stand; front/rear work platforms

  • spare parts kit- paddles/screens

Model T42

42”D x 120”L processing chamber [1067mm x 3048mm]
56 qty. adjustable paddles; standard discharge

75HP TEFC 3ph

Model T42S

42”D x 108”L processing chamber [1067mm x 3048mm]
52 qty. adjustable paddles; end plate discharge


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99.9% of liquids removed from PE bottles without shredding

99% of organics removed from standup pouches without shredding

We are a “separation” system - not crusher, hammer mill, or karate chopper

As you can witness from the photos above at customer sites, our system separates. What is the big deal? If you don’t shred, then the packaging does not end up in the organics. If the packaging is not in the organics, it does not go into your digester, compost, or animals.

Example of mixed grocery waste - recovered organics

Actual customer bakery product processed in our Turbo Separator

Actual customer bakery product processed in our Turbo Separator

Cleaner Organics - 99%

Our customers tell us we have clean organics. Are they 100% clean? No…never, but close. There will always be pieces of plastic, glass, or metal that scoots through our screens. All we can share is that our system is good at keeping it to a bare minimum. When your organics are clean, you can focus your energy on other areas of your process. Our T42 Turbo Separator is capable of separating most food based packaging.