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Who We Are

The Recycling Products Group of Scott Equipment company focuses on enabling the circular economy by producing equipment that allows earth savers to reduce, recycle, recover, and redirect items that used to go to the solid waste landfill.

Our friends in the business have recovered food organics, diapers, carpet, personal care products, gypsum wallboard, oil filters, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, peat moss and other growing medium and much more.

Our three brands are:

  • Turbo Separator - food organics

  • GypStream - gypsum wallboard

  • EverGreen - point of use separator

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Our Mission

Scott Equipment Company is God’s gift to us. Recognizing this gift, we will seek to honor God in all aspects of our business including the treatment of our employees, customers, and vendors. We will tithe the profits of our company back to God to further His Kingdom in our local community, our state, our country, and our world. We are stewards of the gift that God has given us in Scott Equipment Company, and we will seek to use this gift as a witness of God’s goodness, grace and mercy in our lives.  Our bottom line is His greater purpose.

We improve lives

Core Values


The intersection of words, actions, and beliefs.


Being upright, fair, truthful, and sincere.  It is the freedom from deceit or fraud.


Overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for



The continual pursuit of getting better today for tomorrow's results



Investing the assets of the company for multiplication, stability, and honor for our employees, vendors, and customers


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