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Model THOR

Best choice for Mixed Preconsumer and Postconsumer Source Separated Organics

The THOR is our top of the line pre-processing, depackaging, and separation system for source separated organics. 

With a system weight over 45,000 lbs [20,411kg]-nothing compares...nothing.  Our system offers "peace through strength" - it is durable and dependable which gives you peace throughout the day when trucks continue to dump material onto your tipping floor or walking floor.  This is used for mixed loads of organics with 10-30% contamination.

If you are looking to process >100 tons per day - this is your next depackaging system.

  • 125HP main motor [176kW full system]

  • 1" [25mm] thick 316 Stainless Steel Processing Chamber

  • 52 qty. Scott Swing Hammers on horizontal shaft with external HD pillow block bearings

  • North American steel, motors, gear reducers, bearings, and wear parts

  • Allen Bradley PowerFlex series VFDs and controls in NEMA4 enclosure with C-UL, UL, and CE approval

  • System is sold as "wet and dry" which includes wet kit pumping system

  • 99% clean organics (many customers say that it is higher than this)

  • >98% recovery of organics in nearly all types of organics except sticky, rubbery, and pithy items

Everything is included for you to be successful- all conveyors, maintenance platforms, controls, & pump if desired.

twin screw infeed conveyor
twin screw infeed conveyor with organics

HD infeed

infeed hopper for Scott Equipment Turbo Separator
recovered organics


custom turbo separator systems

custom systems

electrical controls for the turbo separator

simple controls

preconsumer grocery store source separated organics SSO

mixed organics

recovered organics from grocery store waste

after organics

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