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What's your Market? Why add a depackaging system from Scott Equipment

Waste & Recycling Facility

  • Keep customers & meet diversion mandates

  • Offer more services for increased profit

  • Transfer station friendly layout

  • Many layouts to fit legacy buildings

  • Flexible organics output into trailer or tanker

Composting Operation

  • Organics increase nutrients in final product

  • Ability to accept more organic types

  • Removing contaminants before screening

  • Comply with food waste bans

  • Ours does not require water to process

Anaerobic Digester Facility

  • Organics can enhance biogas output by 30%

  • Highest uptime/Lowest operating cost

  • Built for North American waste streams

  • >99% clean organics

Factory or Farm

  • Remove a cost or add a new revenue stream

  • Reduce tonnage sent to landfill

  • Divert to animals, manure digester, or compost

  • Offer a service to comply with food waste bans

  • Simple 1 person operation

Join the organics recycling journey with us!

"We have ideas we haven't even thought of yet."

Ron Simon- organics recycling pioneer

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