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Model T42

Best choice for Preconsumer Palletized Source Separated Organics

The model T42 Turbo Separator is a perfect fit for larger operations that receive 75-150 tons per day.  Many of these customers are municipalities, waste and recycling facilities that receive palletized food organics, large farming operations with livestock, food manufacturers, biogas facilities, and composting operations.  It is a simple, robust design that has proven to run for >10 years.

  • 75HP main motor [130kW full system]

  • 1/2" [12mm] thick mild steel or stainless steel processing chamber

  • 56 qty. gorilla fists on horizontal shaft with external HD pillow block bearings

  • North American steel, motors, gear reducers, bearings, and wear parts

  • Allen Bradley PowerFlex series VFDs and controls in NEMA12 enclosure with C-UL, UL, and CE approval

  • Unit is offered as a "wet kit ready" system; or "wet and dry" which includes pumping system and wet kit

Everything is included for you to be successful- all conveyors, maintenance platforms, controls, & pump if desired.

twin screw infeed conveyor
twin screw infeed conveyor with food waste
infeed hopper
recovered organics from preprocessing



custom systems

electrical controls for Turbo Separator

simple controls

grocery waste

mixed organics

recovered organics from grocery waste

after organics

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